What Causes Septicemia

What causes septicemia? Septicemia is caused by an infection in another part of your body. This infection is typically severe. Many types of bacteria can lead to septicemia. The exact source of the infection often can’t be determined. The most common infections that lead to septicemia are: urinary tract infections lung infections, such as pneumonia…Read more »

Symptoms of Sepsis

  Stage 1: Uncomplicated sepsis caused by infections . Initial response with SIRS, that is manifested by two or more of the following conditions: Temperature >38.3°C or <36.0°C Heart rate >90bpm Respiratory rate >20 breaths/min White cell count <4 or >12g/L New altered mental state Blood glucose >7.7mmol/L (not diabetic) Stage 2: Severe sepsis occurs…Read more »


Suspected sepsis, known as the ‘silent killer’, should be treated as a serious emergency, similarly to someone having a heart attack, says England’s health watchdog, NICE. We look into what causes sepsis as well as the signs, symptoms and treatment of this potentially fatal infection. New guidelines from NICE (The National Institute of Health and…Read more »